About Us

Born August 2013, SPINCRAZY became the FIRST indoor cycling studio in Fort Myers. Building upon a passion for indoor cycling and after 2 years of blood sweat and tears, SPINCRAZY has evolved into CYCLE STATION. We proudly announce the new name! From our first rider to the next, we are thankful for all the cyclists who have supported us and have helped to make SPINCRAZY a success.

What You’ll Do

Pedal. Sweat. Forget about the outside world. Get into amazing health and look FABULOUS. The instructor will take you through different types of movements and paces, from sprints (essentially, pedaling super fast) to jumps (standing up out of your seat) to everything in between, all without getting off the bike. Your ride, your level.

What You’ll Hear

Lots of different types of music, ranging from Top 40 hits, house music, to AC/DC. Oh, and occasionally a grunt or a woooohooo!

How Hard Is It To Do?

That will depend on you. You are in control of your own ride. The instructor is there to guide you through your class and provide the best cardio workout possible.

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