Fitness Classes in Fort MyersSPINCRAZY is an indoor cycling studio in Fort Myers…

Come in and experience one of SPINCRAZY’s heart-pumping workouts! Whether you’re a beginner or an indoor cycling junkie SPINCRAZY is perfect for you!!  Enjoy hard-hitting calorie burning workouts early mornings,  or in the evening to complete your day.  Schedule all your classes here on our web site.  We offer single rides and packages, with no pressure memberships!  At SPINCRAZY, we provide a variety of classes with the option of many INSTRUCTORS.  We have a schedule that includes classes 7 DAYS a WEEK.  SPINCRAZY’S high intensity workouts will get you sweating in no time, burning maximum calories! Each indoor cycling workout is choreographed to an upbeat music playlist, so your workout is fun and enjoyable! Our class times vary from 45 to 55 minutes.

We are located at 9250 College Parkway, next to the Cape Coral bridge. Schedule your ride today! Make yourself SPINCRAZY!

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