Welcome to SPINCRAZY’S CYCLE STATION a premier INDOOR CYCLING STUDIO located in Fort Myers Florida….

Check out CYCLE STATION to experience high energy, calorie burning workouts! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider CYCLE STATION is perfect for you!! CYCLE STATION offers classes 7 days a week and can be scheduled on our website. Each indoor cycling workout is choreographed to an upbeat music playlist, so your workout is fun and enjoyable! Our class times vary from 45 to 90 minutes. Get your heart pumping in a club like atmosphere where LED lights, music, and passionate instructors set the stage for high intensity cycling. Look for alternate classes for full body workouts.

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  • Spincrazy is my favorite place to spin!! All the instructors are amazing and full of enthusiasm.  They push your limits and achieve results, while maintaining classes that are suitable for all levels, with great music and energy.  I look forward to each and every class!!

    Andrea Pleimling
  • I am crazy for SpinCrazy and you will be too. From the really awesome instructors to the music and even the lighting, it is an incredible experience.  Regardless of your level of experience with cycling, you will get a workout that just can’t be beat.  Who would think you could enjoy it so much and burn calories and tone at the same time.

    Donna Bergamo
  • It was love at first bike.  A long time spinner, I was skeptical about this new studio.  Here’s what I found. The bikes are brand new and smooth.  The music is eclectic and pumping.  All of the teachers are fantastic, even the subs!  The energy is superb.  I love being able to schedule all of my classes online, super easy! I look forward to every sweaty minute. Spincrazy lets me get my spin on 5 days a week, puts a smile on my face and never lets me forget how strong I am.  Tap it, baby!

    Jill Weil
  • There is no better way to start my morning than with a Spin Crazy class.  Jennifer’s Rise and Shine class incorporates a complete body workout in 45 minutes.  I sit at a desk all day and spin class gets my metabolism going!

    Sally Frizzell Coleman
  • I’ve been going to indoor cycling classes at Cycle Station for almost three years and I still find the classes new, exciting and addicting. All the instructors keep the classes upbeat and high energy and before you know it, the class is over! Even after three years I’m never bored! The environment is very welcoming to new comers and everyone is made to feel a part of class. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get healtier or improve your cycling ability, the classes are engineered in a way to challenge everyone. I would highly recommend indoor cyling classes at Cylce Station!

    Elizabeth C. Bentley, Esq.